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Health during summer travel: McKee Internal Medicine doctor weighs in

Monday, June 03, 2013

MATTHEWS, NC - Summer means warmer temperatures, longer days and the urge to get far, far away from work and responsibilities. While a break can be just what the doctor ordered, it is important to consider how to stay healthy before you hit the road. Dr. John Holevas, an internal medicine physician at Novant Health McKee Internal Medicine, says a few minutes of attention while packing could save you hours of worry during your trip.

"Make sure you take all of your medications with you,"Dr. Holevas reminded. "If you are traveling by plane, do not keep them in checked luggage. Always keep medications with you in a carry-on bag."

He says you need to think about more than just prescriptions, even though those are the most important. "Pack sunscreen, even if you are not planning to sit on a beach," he said. "Sunscreen is important if you're going to be out in the sun for any amount of time."

Dr. Holevas said first aid items, like bandages and over-the-counter painkillers, might come in handy as well. While those things might be available at your destination, having them with you can save time and frustration.

Dr. Holevas also noted that changes from your regular schedule can leave you feeling sluggish or ill. "Try to stay on your diet even when traveling," he said, "and get an adequate amount of sleep."

If you do find yourself sick while out of town, "you can always call our office for advice," Dr. Holevas said. "We might advise you to go to an urgent care center or emergency room near your vacation spot, depending on the problem."

If you have questions about preparing for summer travel, or need travel medicine advice while out of town, call Novant Health McKee Internal Medicine at 704-316-2127.


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